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You want your event to be a great success. When you book Kim Evans to speak, your audience will feel inspired, motivated, transformed, enlightened and beautiful. They will feel equipped with practical takeaways they can begin to use immediately to excel and transform their lives.

Kim says this about herself and her Spa: "Inspiring people to achieve their greatness is part of my mission in life, but I am also a business person. I’ve owned my own successful spa business for over 16 years, and I know the challenges of maintaining a successful business".

Kim Evans, business woman, author, Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Massage Therapist, Health Educator & Coach, Nutrition Wellness Consultant, and motivational speaker, has devoted over a decade of her professional life to achieving excellence in entrepreneurship. She now brings her years of hands-on experience to inspire women to live healthier more fulfilling lifestyles. She motivates them to overcome their blocks to look beautiful, feel great and live balanced enriched lives.

Her clients have shared their amazing breakthroughs with her about their life experiences through her therapeutic holistic approach. With her signature spirited style, youthful energy and exceptional skills as a catalyst and educator, Kim Evans is without question the go-to girl for guidance for women and successful business owners.

Sample List of Clients:

University of California Berkeley Extension ~Business
University of Phoenix ~Marketing
Bank of the West
Women’s Initiative for Self Employed Women
Day Spa Magazine
Skin Inc Magazine
Renew Magazine
Shades of You Magazine
Northern California, The Knot
Face & Body Conference, San Jose & San Francisco
Allured Publishing
International Beauty Show Group, (IBS) New York
Long Beach Esthetics Conference
Chicago Midwest Beauty Conference
Las Vegas Esthetics Conference

Speaking Format Options:

Book Kim to Speak as:
*Keynote Speaker
*Master of Ceremonies, (MC)
*Empowerment Seminar Workshops
*Private Coaching
*Individual Classes
*Group Trainings

Sample List of Wellness Categories

*Healthy nutrition at any level
*Healthy skin is a healthy diet
*Healthy aging
*Hormonal health
*Women's health
*Why diets don't work
*Acne management
*Stress management
*Diabetes health
*Holistic cooking
*Eating healthy during Holidays
*Healthy eating while dining out
*Brain health
*Adrenal health
*Nutrition for expecting mothers
*Holistic nutrition
*Mindful eating
*Detox diet
*Sleep management
*Weight management
*Healthy nutrition for African American Women

Sample List of Topics & Frequent Requested Seminars:

*Your personal GPS system & blueprint for success.
*How to balance your professional life with a healthier lifestyle.
*Green is in: Live a healthy Lifestyle today.
*How to balance Corporate Work, Life, Nutrition, Stress and Energize your life for Managers.
*How to balance Corporate Work, Life, Nutrition, Stress and Energize your life for Employees.
*Holistic living for your Mind, Body & Spirit.
*The Diva next door: Makeup tips to looking stunning and beautiful.
*Have a Winner’s Mentality: A Holistic approach for success and living.
*How to turn your diet around and live healthy, look better and feel fit.
*The real science behind beauty at any age.
*Wrinkles bring on age, but you don't have too.
*Look Fabulous, Feel Great and Live Well.
*Seasons of separation: Your action plan for desired success.
*Do you have what it takes to finish what you started: What’s your vision?
*Your personal brand & style is making a presentation for you: Business Marketing.
*Look Hot, Sexy & 2GORJIS at any age and on any date.
*A Winner's Millionaire Dollar mentality.
*The Virtuous Woman’s guide to living a successful and beautiful life.
*Quitting is not an option, live a lifestyle of winning.
*How to be a distribution center for wealth & health.
*How to live a Healthy Detox Lifestyle.
*Women’s health & hormonal balance.
*Time is Life’s Currency: Timing your life for success.
*Beauty is beyond skin deep: The beauty of a powerful woman.
*Travel Divas: A winner’s mentality to live.
*The greatest revenge for divorced women: Success, Beauty & a Healthy life.
*Live your best life today.

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